Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Harry Potter Book Night 2016

On February 4, my library celebrated Harry Potter Book Night. This seemed like a fun program to do since the librarians knew that Harry Potter was still popular.  Last summer during our summer reading program, not a single Harry Potter book could be found on the shelves.

Our H.P. Night was celebrated as a party with a craft station and several party games:

Decorate your own wand -
We found this DIY wand directions at the Boxy Colonial blog. My volunteers did the hot gluing and painting before the actual event. At the event, party goers chose a wand then decorated it with pipe-cleaners, feathers, yarn, and lace scraps. Not only did we offer some very unique wands, but some of the children were fabulously creative with the supplies on hand!


Snacks -
What party is complete without snacks?  After some searching on the internet I found three easy to make themed snacks: Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans (jelly beans, of course), Hufflepuff Cheesepuffs (cheesepuff snacks), and Ollivander's Salty Wands (pretzel sticks).

Trivia -
Every child who answered all of the 12 trivia questions correctly received a gold foil D.A. sticker. One of my interns did an awesome job creating the trivia questions. Without even realizing it, she included a trick question that got many kids researching the correct answer.

Owl Mail -
This fun party game was thought up by another intern of mine. I set out a wicker basket with an owl puppet inside. Party goers threw origami folded letters, addressed to book characters, into the basket.

Pin the glasses on Harry -
Just like the classic Pin the Tail on the Donkey game.  I made some paper spectacles that were then placed on a charming picture of a young Daniel Radcliffe by blind-folded party goers.

Mini Quidditch -
Inspired by this Quidditch drinking game, we created our own hoops on library tables. The party goers then hit pop-pom quaffles through the hoops with paintbrush "brooms".  The children actually had a fun time playing this challenging game.


Reflection - This was a well attended library event. Some staff members requested to be involved in the planning of this event next year.

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