Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Bunny Rabbits - Preschool Storytime

Storytime for 3 to 5 year olds.

Here's a bunny with ears so funny
(bend two fingers over thumb)
Here is his hole in the ground
(make hole with other arm at side of body)
When a noise he hears
(clap hands)
He pricks up his ears
(straighten fingers)
And jumps in his hole in the ground
(bunny ears jump into hole at side of body)
  • Flannelboard - Perfect Pet by Gail Benton and Trisha Waichulaitis
  • Book #3 - Scuba Bunnies by Christine Loomis, pictures by Ora Eitan
  • Activity - I Saw a Little Rabbit (action rhyme)
I saw a little rabbit go hop, hop, hop
I saw his ears go flop, flop, flop
(flop hands on head)
I saw his eyes go blink, blink, blink
(point to eyes and blink)
I saw his nose go twink, twink, twink
(wiggle nose)
I said, "Little rabbit, won't you stay?"
(beckon with hand)
He looked at me and hopped away
  • Closing - Scarves with the song "Jump" from Bottle of Sunshine by Milkshake
  • Art activity - Color rabbit ear headbands

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Green for St. Patrick's Day

Storytime for 1 to 3 year olds:
Open, shut them
(open and close hands)
Open, shut them
Give a little clap (clap)
Open, shut them
Open, shut them
Put them in your lap
(put hands in lap)

Creep them, creep them
Under your chin
(creep fingers up chest)
Open your mouth, but don't put them in
(do as words say)

Open, shut them
Open, shut them
Give a little clap
Open shut them
Open shut them
Put them in your lap
  • Flannelboard/Math Activity - Hi Ho for St. Patrick's Day (adapted by Carol Hopkins, to the tune of "The Farmer In the Dell")
This shamrock is green, this shamrock is green,
Hi, ho for St. Patrick's Day,
This shamrock is green.
This leprechaun wears green, this leprechaun wears green,
Hi, ho for St. Patrick's Day,
This shamrock is green.
(repeat with more green objects)
  • Sit-down Activity - Little Clover (fingerplay written by Carol Hopkins)
Hey little clover with four leaves not three
I want to pick you to take home with me
One leaf for wisdom
One leaf for love
One leaf for happiness
And one leaf for luck
  • Book #2 - St. Patrick's Day Countdown by Salina Yoon (board book)
  • Activity – Leprechaun, Leprechaun (action rhyme adaptation of "Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear Turn Around" written by Carol Hopkins)
Leprechaun, leprechaun turn around
Leprechaun, leprechaun find gold on the ground
Leprechaun, leprechaun jump on your toes
Leprechaun, leprechaun scratch your nose
Leprechaun, leprechaun reach up high
Leprechaun, leprechaun see a rainbow in the sky
Leprechaun, leprechaun point to your feet
Leprechaun, leprechaun have a seat
  • Closing - Scarves to the song "Flitter, Flutter" from The Second Line by Johnette Downing
  • Craft – Put dot stickers on a leprechaun pot

Monday, April 2, 2012

Gardens - Family Storytime

This is for an all ages, whole family storytime:
  • Opening - If You're Happy and You Know It
  • Book #1 - The Curious Garden by Peter Brown
  • Book #2 - The Carrot Seed by Ruth Krauss, pictures by Crockett Johnson
  • Stand up activity - Little Flower Open Up (action song to the tune of "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" written by Carol Hopkins

Little flower begin to grow
Open up your petals bright
Swaying in the sunshine light
Come and let the bees buzz right
Little flowers in the night
Closing up your petals tight

  • Flannelboard - Plant a Little Seed (song I learned from Nancy Stewart from
  • Book #3 - One Little Seed by Elaine Greenstein
  • Activity - Baby Bumblebee (action song from Toddler Action Songs by Cedarmont Kids)
  • Closing - Use scarves with the song "Water, Wind, and World" from The Second Line by Johnette Downing
  • Family Small Motor Activity - Create flowers with foam shapes