Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Apples - Family Storytime

This is for an all ages, whole family storytime:5 red apples, hanging on the tree
5 red apples, big and round and shiny
Along came a child with a hungry, grumbly tummy
And picked one apple right out of the tree.
(continue counting down to zero apples)
  • Book #3 - Orange Pear Apple Bear by Emily Gravett
  • Book #4 - Dappled Apples by Jan Carr, illustrated by Dorothy Donohue
  • Activity - Look At this Apples I Have Found (fingerplay I have seen on many websites)
Look at this apple I have found
(circle hands)
So round and rosy on the ground
We will wash it and cut it in two
(perform actions)
Half for me and half for you.
(point to self and then away from self)
  • Closing - Two Little Apples/Shake, Shake the Apple Tree (egg shaker song from Kindermusik Family Our Kind of Day disc 1)
  • Family Small Motor Activity - Wormy Apples (Punch holes around the edge of a precut cardstock apple. Invite children to weave a yarn "worm" through the holes and then color the apple with color pens.)

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