Monday, August 24, 2009

Birds Storytime - Preschool

Preschool Storytime for 3-1/2 to 5 year olds:
  • Opening – We Dove In the Ocean from Dippin' In the Paintbox by Gail and Trisha
  • Alphabet activity - Pull a letter card out of a Dr. Seuss hat and then put them back in the hat as the letter is called
  • Book #1 – Birdsongs by Betsy Franco and Steve Jenkins
  • Activity – This Little Bird (action rhyme that I picked up somewhere)
  • Flannelboard - Bluebird, Bluebird Through My Window
  • Book #2 – Pigeon Wants a Puppy by Mo Willems
  • Book #3 -I Bought A Baby Chicken by Kelly Milner Halls, illustrated by Karen Stormer Brooks
  • Activity – Here's a Little Egg (action rhyme I have seen in a number of places, but I first found at
Here's a little egg, so smooth and white
(sit criss cross, head down, arms in lap)
Peck, peck, peck, there's something inside!
Peck, peck, peck, here comes a little beak.
(move head up and make beak with fingers)
Peck, peck, peck here come two little feet.
(extend feet)
Peck, peck, peck, here come the wings.
(flap arms as wings)
Peck, peck, peck, and a pick, pick, pick,
(move to squatting position)
And crack, crack, CRACK!
Out pops the baby chick!
(stand up, arms above head)
  • Closing – Round of Applause (action rhyme adapted from one told by Rob Reid)
  • Craft - Triangle body birds with tissue paper wings through slit, with circle head, beak, and color markers to decorate

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