Friday, March 6, 2009

Monkey Storytime

Storytime for 1-1/2 to 3 year olds:
  • Opening - Skinnamarink, Sticky Sticky Bubblegum
  • Book #1 – Little Gorilla by Ruth Bornstein
  • Activity – Can You Growl Like A Tiger? (action rhyme, unknown origin)
Can you growl like a tiger?
Can you hop like a frog?
Can you climb like a monkey?
Can you bark like a dog?
Can you slither like a snake?
Can you fly like a bat?
Can you howl like a wolf?
Can you stre-ttt-ccchh like a cat?
Can you sit like a kid at storytime?
  • Flannelboard – One Banana written by Cheryl Hadley (from King County Library System's Books To Grow On)
  • Book #2 – Eight Silly Monkeys illustrated by Steve Haskamp
  • Activity – Monkey See, Monkey Do (action rhyme, I don't remember which book I got this rhyme from)
  • Closing - Eggshakers using "I Know A Chicken" from Whaddaya Think of That by Laurie Berkner
  • Craft - Curious George coloring sheet

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