Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Cup Cup Clap Clap

This summer I had fun learning the cup song for our "Cup Cup Clap Clap" library program.  This was a super easy and inexpensive event to put on. We did it just before the Fourth of July holiday weekend.

Event description: Get moving with some fun musical clapping games! Learn how to do the popular "cup song" game as seen in the movies. How long can you keep up the rhythm? For grades 1st through 6th.

First, I started with a somewhat easy clapping game called "Bim Bum" with the assistance of this YouTube video.  This got everyone loosened up.  It also did a wonderful job of taking away any shyness that some children had about doing the clapping in front of others.

Next, we moved onto the cup game.  I used this other YouTube video to show the children how to do it.  We had to watch it and then copy it several times.  We started off doing it at the table and chairs and then moved to a circle on the floor.

It was fun watching the children persevere and do the cup game faster and faster.

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