Sunday, December 14, 2014

Sammy Keyes and the Hotel Thief

After a visit from author Wendelin Van Draanen, my library did a series of after school programs each based roughly around one of her books.  This program came from the first book in her Sammy Keyes series.  In the book, Sammy gets in trouble with a thief while watching him through her grandmother's binoculars.  So we decided to do something with binoculars.

We started off with a relay race.  We laid out 3 zigzag race lines on the floor with masking tape before the program started.  The children (from 3rd through 6th grades) then formed up into 3 teams.  The teams had to race up and down the lines while looking through the binoculars backwards.  Believe it or not, it is actually rather hard to follow a thin line on the floor with the binoculars backwards.  The children had fun with this.  Our winning team (made up of all 3rd graders) had so much fun they did it twice.

Next, we had the children partner up and gave these smaller teams a scavenger hunt sheet to complete.  My library is lucky to have a park right outside the meeting room doors.  Each of our five scavenger hunt items could be seen with binoculars while standing outside the meeting room.  There were two look for something and then make a rubbing (with a crayon).  There were two fill in the blank items based off signs in the park.  Then there was a piece of art to search out and then count the number of windows on this artwork.  This scavenger hunt tended to be a bit difficult.  But the various partners had difficulties with different items on the sheet, so there was not one item that was extremely hard.

The hardest part of preparing for this program was actually finding enough binoculars to use.  Me and my coworker borrowed and brought binoculars from home.  It is amazing how few people we asked had working binoculars.

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