Sunday, December 28, 2014

National Cookie Day

Officially, National Cookie Day falls on December 4.  (And that is the day my library held our National Cookie Day celebration.)  But I feel that this is a great program for the December holiday season.  A cookie celebration does not fall into any religious category.  Yet, baking cookies is a holiday tradition for many families, therefore it has a holiday vibe to it.  This is my second year throwing a cookie day party.  I find it to be an easy program to put together!  It makes for a fun, fantastic program for children of all ages.

Stories -- Start off with a couple of cookie stories.  This year we read two favorites:
Fortune Cookies by Albert Bitterman, illustrated by Chris Raschka (moving pieces)
The Doorbell Rang by Pat Hutchins (Big Book)

Art Activity -- This year we had the children make and decorate paper fortune cookies.  We even had take out boxes to decorate and store the paper cookies in.  There were some very imaginative cookie designs.  Supplies needed: round lids (to trace circle shape), card stock paper, pens, crayons, scissors, glitter glue, bingo paint dabbers.  (Special note: While we put out glitter glue for this art activity, I think this project would be better without it because the glue took too long to dry.)

Cookie Activity -- What program about cookies is complete without cookies to eat and decorate?  We put out frosting and sprinkles.  Other than a few words about germs and safe handling of food, no other directions were needed.

Our little cookie monsters left on a happy sugar high!

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