Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Ladybug Release Party

Help spread ladybugs in the park, and make ladybugs to take home. A library program for children ages 4 to 12 years old.

Children listened to stories about ladybugs then went outside to the park to release a bag full of ladybugs. It was fun watching the children squeal with delight and fright as the ladybugs landed on them.

After the ladybug release, the children came back inside to work on two craft projects:

1. Choose a special rock.
2. Using the pens or paint provided, color your rock red.
3. Using a pen or paint, add a black head an dots.
4. Now take very good care of your new pet rock!

1. Staple or tape two red paper plates together (put the eating surfaces of the plates on the inside facing each other). Be sure to leave one end of the ladybug open to put your hand in the puppet!
2. Cut off the rim of the plates where they were not staples or taped - this is where you will put your hand to move the puppet.
3. Using black paper, cut out six legs. Attach the legs to the ladybug.
4. Using black paper, cut out a head. Glue the head to the ladybug.
5. Use the colored paper to give your ladybug eyes.
6. Use the black pens or black paper to give your ladybug spots.
7. Now you have a great ladybug puppet!

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