Monday, May 16, 2011

The Bees Are A Buzzin'

A library program for children ages 4 to 12 years old.

A member of a local honey bee keeper group talked for 20 minutes about working with bees and gathering honey. Then we broke into stations:

Station #1 - Bee keeper equipment
Children got to look at and touch the equipment that the bee keeper brought.

Station #2 - Wind flying honeybee
(a) Draw stripes onto the yellow paper plate body.
(b) Cut out the head using the yellow paper. Decorate the head with button eyes and pipe-cleaner antennae. Glue or tape the head to the body.
(c) Cut out two wings using the tissue paper. Glue or tape the wings to the body.
(d) Glue or tape a black crepe paper stinger to the body.
(e) Use the hole puncher once on the paper plate body. Use yarn to create a loop to hang your honeybee. Now let it dance in the wind!

Station #3 - Fingerprint bumblebees
(a) Stamp your thumb in the yellow paint.
(b) Press your thumb onto the paper to make the bee's body.
(c) Stamp your pinkie finger into the black paint.
(d) Press your pinkie onto the tip of the yellow body to make a head.
(e) Stamp your index finger into the black paint.
(f) Press your index finger twice next to the yellow body to make 2 wings.
(g) Help the paint dry by gently blowing on the bee. When the paint is dry, use the Sharpie pens to draw in stripes and a stinger.

Station #4 - Design your own honeycomb
Use the pattern blocks to create your honeycomb design.

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