Sunday, October 11, 2009

Gear School (the graphic novel)

The last time the Teen Librarian went shopping at the comic book shop I got the chance to go with her. We both brought back plenty of comics and graphic novels for the library. The comic shop owner suggested the purchase of Gear School by Adam Gallardo. I checked it out as soon as it was ready and loved it! Futuristic high school, fighting robots, and a war with aliens...

The story focuses on Teresa, a student at the futuristic military academy called “Gear School,” where all of the students are learning how to operate ballistic robot weapons. Unfortunately, she is best known for her spectacular flameout crashes in the flight simulator. During her first flight in a real “Gear” an alien spacecraft appears in her airspace. What’s a girl to do? Should she defend her classmate and best friend? And how can she do this? She can barely pass the simulator test and her robot has no weapons. The full color graphics and the short length made this book a fun graphic novel to read. I hope this book becomes a full-fledged series soon.

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  1. Hi, I'm Adam, the writer of Gear School and just wanted to say thanks for the kind words, and to let you know that a second volume of Gear School is in the works. It's being drawn as we speak (type?)!

    Take care.