Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Friendly Fish Storytime

Storytime for 1 to 3 year olds:
  • Opening - Skinnamarink, Sticky Sticky Bubblegum

  • Book #1 – Fish, Fish, Fish by Georgie Adams, illustrated by Brigitte Willgoss

  • Stand-up Activity – "The Goldfish" from Victor Vito by Laurie Berkner

  • Bridge - Open, Shut Them (fingerplay)
Open, shut them
(open and close hands)
Open, shut them
Give a little clap (clap)
Open, shut them
Open, shut them
Put them in your lap
(put hands in lap)

Creep them, creep them
Under your chin
(creep fingers up chest)
Open your mouth, but don't put them in
(do as words say)

Open, shut them
Open, shut them
Give a little clap
Open shut them
Open shut them
Put them in your lap 

  • Flannelboard - Five Little Fishies Swimming In the Sea (counting down rhyme I found on the blog Ms. Kelly at the Library

  • Letter of the Day - "F" is for fish

  • Activity – Here Is the Sea (fingerplay, not sure where I found this one) 
Here is the sea, the wavy sea,
(indicate small waves with hands)
Here is the boat and here is me,
(cup hands for boat; point to self)
All the little fishes down below
(point downwards)
Wriggle their tails, and away they go. 
(wiggle fingers behind you)

  • Closing - Rhythm sticks using "Goin' On a Bear Hunt" song from Kids In Action by Greg and Steve 

  • Art Experience – Glue tissue paper square "scales" onto craft foam fish shapes

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