Saturday, July 18, 2015

Superhero Academy Party

My library just pulled off our Superhero Academy program as part of our summer reading line-up of events.  This was a fun party where we took over most of the library.  I created a check sheet, similar to a scavenger hunt, of all the party games and crafts.  When the children finished the check list, they returned to our meeting room for a completion certificate and some "kryptonite" green rock candy.

I framed the check list around various superhero powers:

  1. FLIGHT - Head due North (otherwise known as the North Meeting Room) to create your own hero in training who can fly through the air.  (art activity)

  1. AGILITY – In the aisle where you can find great children’s books about true sport heroes, show us your ability to safely traverse a corridor of deadly laser beams. (party game using crepe paper as the laser beams)

  1. BALANCE – In the Teen Zone of Dread on the second floor, walk the plank over the dangerous lava pit without falling in.

  1. KNOWLEDGE – Celebrate everyday heroes! What will you find on the shelf at j 356 and j 357?

  1. IDENTITY – All great superheroes keep their true identity a secret. Head over to the open space between the checkout desks and the elevator for a chance to create your own mask. (art activity)

  1. JUMPING – Jump over tall buildings in a single bound in the Picture Book area. (I found this idea on Pinterest. Decorated cardboard boxes to look like buildings.)

  1. STRENGTH – The large print books is where you will go to demonstrate your awesome strength.  What a great photo opportunity! (Another idea I found on Pinterest. Two of our shelvers created a barbel out of a gift wrap tube and balloons.)

  1. RESEARCH – Heroes come in all shapes and sizes.  Who is the author of the book Little Pink Pup?

  1. ADAPTABILITY – Don’t be bored head to the Board room to reveal how you handle the surprise ahead. (Play tunnels to crawl through.)

  1. CHARISMA – Thor and Loki may be from Asgard, but they are visiting your library to pose for pictures with you.  Head up to the Computer Lab on the second floor to meet these ill-fated brothers. Don’t have a camera?  Then test if you are worthy to give Thor’s hammer a pat. (The teen librarian picked up this pair of cardboard stand-ups for the MiniCon my library did back on Free Comic Book Day. Of course I had to get another use out of these guys!)

  1. CRIME PREVENTION – Super villains have taken over the area between the chapter books shelves and the adult DVD shelves.  Take turns, follow the directions, and then knock out these criminals. (Another Pinterest idea. I taped pictures of villains onto empty water bottles. I then put out bean bags to throw at the bottles.)

My reflections: I think this program went well. I had a lot of parents tell me how pleased they were with the program. There were plenty of different things for the children to do. Some families who don't come to the library often maybe even learned a new thing or two about the library Cost wise, this program did not cost too much. But since the stations were spaced out around the library, I did need to recruit some 3 shelvers and the other children's librarian to help. My biggest takeaway -- Superhero Cinderella (with a purple cape) should not attempt to cross a laser beam field in her full ball gown!

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