Thursday, May 7, 2015

Free Comic Book Day was a blast!

Last Saturday my library celebrated Free Comic Book Day with a mini comic book convention.  Kudos to our teen librarian for spear heading a fun event!  Not only did we give out free comics, but there was also an artist alley, a scavenger hunt, a crafting zone, panelists, and a cosplay dance.  The atmosphere inside the library actually felt like a comic book convention.

I was in charge of the craft zone.  I totally over planned this area.  Most of the people who came into the crafting zone just wanted to make something with the Perler beads.  The coloring sheets and paper crafts were mostly ignored.  The papercrafts consisted of Yoda ears and Princess Leia headbands inspired by a post at Nerd Craft Librarian, Naruto headbands/armbands, plus Sailor Moon tiaras and Wonder Woman crowns.

I am pretty proud of how the Sailor Moon tiaras turned out.  I thought it would be easy to find directions on creating a "v" shaped tiara that looks similar to what Sailor Moon wears.  No such luck.  Since I am origami-challenged, I was having difficulty figuring it out for myself.  Luckily another librarian figured it out for me (thanks Bonnie!).  Here are the directions I wrote up for creating a Sailor Moon style tiara out of strips of yellow construction paper.

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