Sunday, March 8, 2015

My first solo presentation!

Yesterday I did my first solo presentation at the Pierce County AEYC As a Teacher Grows conference.  This was a very nerve wracking and humbling experience for me.  All of the early childhood educators were welcoming and friendly.  They didn't seem to mind that my presentation did not last the full 1.5 hours (I apparently talked fast).  I learned so much about creating a presentation and then presenting it in front of a group of educators.

My presentation was about doing art activities with toddlers (ages 1-3 years old).  Most of what I talked about can be found in my book, Artsy Toddler Storytimes.  But I ended my talk with an activity for the attendees to think up art activities around different themes.  This group was soooo creative!  They came up with some wonderful ideas.  My aim is to eventually share all of their ideas on this blog.  Here is my first attempt at sharing these ideas.


  • Gluing different sized circles (pompoms) for planets
  • Stamping different circle sizes
  • Paper plate sun/planets
  • Black paper with star stickers and round stickers
  • Make a model
  • Make stars by poking holes into black paper with flashlight or light behind
  • Paper mache
  • Pick a planet and label with stickers and put your picture on it

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