Monday, February 13, 2012

Royal Toddler Storytime

Storytime for 1 to 3 year olds:
  • Opening - Skinnamarink (from Car Songs: Songs to Sing Anywhere by Dennis Buck at Kimbo), Sticky Sticky Bubblegum
  • Book #1 – The Missing Tarts by B.G. Hennessy, picture by Tracey Campbell Pearson
  • Stand-up Activity - Grand Old Duke of York (traditional action song)
The grand old duke of York, he had 10,000 men
He marched them up the hill and then he marched them down again
When you're up, you're up
When you're down, you're down
And when you're only halfway up
Your neither up or down
  • Bridge - Open Shut Them (fingerplay)
Open, shut them
(open and close hands)
Open, shut them
Give a little clap (clap)
Open, shut them
Open, shut them
Put them in your lap
(put hands in lap)

Creep them, creep them
Under your chin
(creep fingers up chest)
Open your mouth, but don't put them in
(do as words say)

Open, shut them
Open, shut them
Give a little clap
Open shut them
Open shut them
Put them in your lap
  • Flannelboard/Math Activity -Little Girl, Little Girl (nursery rhyme)
Little girl, little girl, where have you been?
Gathering roses to give to the queen
Little girl, little, girl, what gave she you?
She gave me a diamond as big a my shoe
  • Sit-down Activity - Lords and Ladies In a Row (fingerplay written by Carol Hopkins)
Five ladies in waiting, standing in a row
They bow their heads to honor the queen
Five noble lords, standing in a row
They bow their heads to honor the king
They stand in two straight lines and politely applaud
Then they come together and dance at the ball
  • Book #2 - King Bidgood's In the Bathtub by Audrey Wood, illustrated by Don Wood
  • Activity – Not Much Different (action chant written by Carol Hopkins)
A prince has a crown, and he bows to say, "Hello."
A princess has a crown and she curtseys to say, "How do you do."
They can run
They can dance
They can jump
They can sit
They are not much different from you or me
  • Closing - Scarves to the song "Flitter, Flutter" from The Second Line by Johnette Downing
  • Craft – Decorate paper plate crowns

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